Serial Experiments Lain Wiki

The Wired is run with a Protocol. A Protocol is a technology that gives users the possibility to interact with the Wired, being so efficient that with the last version, users can project their own version of themselves in it.

Tachibana General Laboratories elaborated Protocol 6 which is the current Protocol at the beginning of the series.

Following the series, we discover the slow establishment of the new protocol, the Protocol 7. The Protocol 7 was tampered by Masami Eiri who embedded the possibility to upload the human mind into the Wired. Through this new Protocol, Masami ambitioned to merge mankind's collective unconscious with the Wired.


  • Protocol 7 is a reference to the real world Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), the framework on which devices on the internet could communicate with each other since 1995. So Protocol 7 is named so, as it supposes to be the next step.
  • On the esoteric philosophy, Protocol 7 is named after Timothy Leary's 7th layer of consciousness. This layer is a point of enlightenment where the human mind could access the memory and experience of the whole of humanity.