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Layer:13 - Ego
Episode 13
Layer 13.png
Directed by Ryūtarō Nakamura
Written by Chiaki J. Konaka
Original air date September 28, 1998 (Japan)
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Layer:13 - Ego is the thirteenth and final episode of the anime series Serial Experiments Lain. The episode was written by Chiaki J. Konaka and directed by Ryūtarō Nakamura. It was broadcast in Japan on September 28, 1998.


Lain annihilates Misami Eiri and apologizes to a thoroughly horrified Alice for always messing things up for her. She suddenly uses her supreme power as "Goddess of the Wired" to reset everything to the point that she herself never existed. But when all is said and done is this what she truly wants?


Well, it became unclear again. Where am I? Here, or where you are?
I exist everywhere where you are. I know it. Because I am connected to you. But I….
Where is the true Me?
Well, I know there is no true me. I am only inside of people who know I exist.
But is this really me talking right now?
Am I myself? I… Who am I?


A screen is clicked on. A digitized image of Lain is on the screen. Lain says, "Well, it became unclear again. Where am I? Here, or where you are? I exist everywhere where you are. I know it. Because I am connected to you. But I…. Where is the true Me? Well, I know there is no true me. I am only inside of people who know I exist. But is this really me talking right now? Am I myself? I… Who am I?" The screen is clicked off.

In Lain's room, Masami Eiri's flesh is gradually reassembling in a grotesque way. He howls in pain and outrage. Alice and Lain cling to each other. Alice is terrified while Lain remains strangely calm. One of Masami's appendages wraps around the girls and lifts them off the ground. Lain cries, "Alice!" Lain's Navi equipment seems to be propelled towards the seething mass that is Masami. Lain yells at Masami, "You said that your flesh wasn't necessary, didn't you?" Alice screams hysterically. Lain tries to calm her friend down by saying her name, "Alice," and holding onto her trembling hands. Alice is not able to realize that Masami is gone. His body had been smashed by the Navi equipment. His reign as a god has ended. Alice tries to fight out of Lain's grasp. Her hand makes contact with Lain's face and draws blood. Lain's lip starts to quiver as she realizes how she again has hurt Alice. Lain thinks, "Everything I ever did for Alice was always wrong… I am really…" Lain grabs Alice and deeply embraces her. This seems to finally quiet her friend down. Alice is in shock. She is unable to return the embrace. Lain clings to Alice and cries her name, "Alice. Alice." Still holding onto her, Lain says, "Alice I'm so sorry…I'm sorry."

A computer screen reads, "All Reset…Return" The back screen has many English words on it like, raw, mean, and lastly, sad. Past scenes of the show seem to rewind in a quick manner. The computer screen goes blank.

It is light outside. The power lines are humming. The door to Lain's house opens. A combination of Japanese and Western style breakfast items is being served. Mika pushes herself away from the table and says, "It was a nice meal." She has left some food on her plate. Her dad notices this and quips, "There's a little left." Mom says, "She's on a diet." Mika scolds her, "Don't say such a thing." Mom is eating rice. Dad informs her, "Some merchandise may come today. Please pay for it when it comes." His wife guesses, "A computer part again?" He does not respond. Both continue to eat their breakfast. Dad glances at the empty chair at the table. It is almost as if he is looking for someone else to be there. Such is not the case. This is a family of three, not four, so of course there is only a place setting for three. He says, "Say." His wife replies, "What?" He continues to stare at the empty chair. It almost appears as if he has a half remembered memory about someone sitting in the chair but can't bring it to the surface. He dismisses the thought, "No…nothing."

The door has been left open to Lain's house. Scenes are shown of the path once taken by Lain on her way to school. She is not at her usual place on the train.

Girls are walking to school. Alice stops and looks up at the building. Juri and Reika call her name, "Alice!" They run and catch up with her. Reika asks, "Where should we go tonight?" Juri tugs on Alice's arm and pleads, "Cyberia! Cyberia!" Alice replies, "Sure." She then reaches for her pocket Navi and says, "I'll send a mail." Juri and Reika look at each other with curious expressions. Juri asks, "Alice, who are you sending mail to?" Alice seems to ponder the question. Her Navi screen is set to its mail server. She doesn't seem to be able to remember who it is she wanted to write. Juri thinks she know who Alice had in mind and asks, "Will you call her again?" Alice asks, "Who?" Juri points to someone in the crowd of girls. It is Chisa. Alice says, "Chisa?" Juri replies, "Yes, Yomada Chisa. We took her to Cybria once because you suggested it.

But she didn't seem interested whatsoever." Reika quips, "It seems useless." Alice says, "I see." Alice then looks down and smiles. Her friends inquire what is on her mind. Alice replies, "Nothing. I just had a strange thought." Reika repeats, "A strange thought?" Alice recites, "It never happened if there is no memory of it." Reika asks, "Memory?" Alice continues, "Someone never existed if there is no memory of them." Reika and Juri exchange quizzical glances with each other. Reika finally asks, "What are you talking about?" Alice replies, "It has to be no one then." She starts to walk to class and says, "Now let's hurry so we can study." Reika and Juri yell, "Alice", and run to catch up with her.

Masayuki, Myu Myu, and Taro are playing a scissors, paper, and stone type of game. Masayuki whines, "I lost again." The three are crossing a street. Taro says, "Let's play." Myu Myu says, "Hurry! Hurry!" Masayuki cries, "Wait for me!" Myu Myu scolds him, "Moron." Taro stops to attend to his beeping Navi. It is shaped like a gun. He pushes a button and says, "A mail?" Myu Myu peeks over his shoulder, "What? What?" The screen reads "KIDS Technology." Lain's image appears briefly then quickly disappears. Myu Myu puts her hands on her hips and asks, "Who is that girl?" Taro replies, "No… I don't know her." Masayuki finally catches up and asks, "What?"

A teenage boy and his little sister are also walking down the street. The twosome draw near Taro, Myu Myu and Masayuki. The teen says to Taro, "You're machine looks good." Taro looks at him and says, "What?" The teen is the Accela boy who killed himself at Cyberia. The teen says, "I also altered mine a little." His sister pulls his sleeve and says, "Hurry brother! Hurry! Hurry! Mom is waiting!" He answers, "I know," then to Taro and company he says, "Bye." The brother and sister walk away. Myu Myu and Masayuki start to run. Myu Myu yells, "Go! Go!" Masayuki pleads "Let's toss for it again!" Taro has not moved. He looks down at his Navi then follows his friends. Myu Myu mock threatens him, "Taro, I'll leave you!" Masayuki is still whining, "It's not fair. Let's toss for it again." Taro and a man walk by each other. The man is talking to himself, "I'll quit. I'll quit that damned company. They make me do this job…" He is Masami Eiri. He shakes his fist angrily and continues his jabbering, "They look down on me…" Taro puts his Navi away and joins his friends. Masami is still walking and grumbling, "I'll quit, I'll quit." He looks up at two men fixing a street light. It is Carl and the short guy. Masami stops to watch them work for a few minutes. He then resumes his walking and grumbling, "I'll quit…quit…I'm definitely quitting today!"

Scenes of power lines are shown. That familiar hum is in the air.

A black screen has text words which read, "It never happened if there is no memory of it. Human memory is just a record. You can rewrite the record." Lain's voice says, "Really?"

The voice of Lain's dad commands, "Come here, Lain." Lain looks up. Her father's face looms large in the sky above her. Lain asks, "Dad?"

Lain is in her bear suit. She and her father are sitting at a table that is floating in the air. Her dad says, "Lain you don't need to wear such a thing anymore." Lain concedes to his statement with a little smile. She asks, "Dad, do you know?" He replies, "What?" Lain stammers, "I…everyone…" He tries to fill in the blanks, "You love everyone? Isn't that right?" Lain shakes her head and starts to cry. Her dad says, "Lain, next time I'll prepare a good tea. And a madeleine. Certainly that would taste good."

The city is shown at night. Lain's voice says, "There are just not memories of the past. There are also memories of today and tomorrow."

A man says, "I declare." A woman responds, "Really!" They are a nice looking young couple who are walking in the shopping district of the city. The woman grabs his arm and says, "Wait." It is Alice. She is about 22 years old. She has let her hair grow longer. Alice says to her boyfriend, "I did what you wanted last time. Very tolerantly." She grins and says, "I'll choose a curtain for our bedroom." He boyfriend smiles and agrees, "Okay, okay." Someone is watching the couple. The boyfriend adds, "I'll do whatever you like." Alice teases, "Yes, you are a good student." The couple then laughs and continue to walk. Alice's attention is drawn to an overhead walkway. Her boyfriend asks, "What happened?" Lain is on the walkway. She is peering over the railing and watching Alice. Alice is mesmerized by Lain. She turns to her boyfriend and says, "Sorry… wait a bit." Alice then heads for the walkway. Her boyfriend yells, "Hey, wait!"

Alice runs up the steps and closes in on Lain. Lain smiles at her. Alice returns the smile and walks closer to her. Alice bends down to get eye level with her and says, "Good afternoon." Lain softly returns the greeting. Alice asks, "I've met you haven't I?" Lain does not answer. Alice gets an idea and says, "Were you a student where I taught as a student teacher?" She answers her own question with, "No, that's not it. Hmm." Lain continues to smile at her. Lain finally says, "How do you do?" (Lain uses a very formal Japanese greeting here that is used exclusively for the first time you meet a person.) Alice replies, "What?" She is confused by the use of such a formal greeting because she was convinced that she knew this girl. Lain stresses that they have never met by saying, "It is how do you do?" Alice stands corrected, "Really? Well, how do you do? I am Alice. Don't you think my name sounds funny? I'm a bit embarrassed about it. And you are?" Lain replies, "Lain." Alice stands up and repeats the name, "Lain." The name seems to resonate in her mind but she is unable to make a connection. Her boyfriend has joined them and asks, "Do you know her?" Alice replies, "No. Wrong person." Alice bends down towards Lain and says, "Goodbye. Maybe I'll see you again sometime." Lain smiles. Alice gets up and says, "Bye." Her boyfriend says, "Bye, Lain." The couple walk off together. Lain continues to watch them and says, "Yes. I can see you anytime."

A computer screen is turned on. Lain's image appears. Lain says, "I'm here. So I will always be with you. Always." The screen is turned off.



  • After Lain used her cyberpotent abilities as a virtual goddess to erase everyone's memory of her existence, Alice had grown older and married to her eighth grade teacher.
  • In a scene from this episode, Alice recognizes Lain and notices that she seems familiar. She asks if she was one of the children she had taught in one of her classes, and Lain says she wasn't. Alice cannot remember Lain, but somehow noticed she seemed familiar. This shows that the bond between Alice and Lain was most likely a very strong one at that.