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Layer:11 - Infornography
Episode 11
Layer 11.png
Directed by Ryūtarō Nakamura
Written by Chiaki J. Konaka
Original air date September 14, 1998 (Japan)
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Layer:11 - Infornography is the eleventh episode of the anime series Serial Experiments Lain. The episode was written by Chiaki J. Konaka and directed by Ryūtarō Nakamura. It was broadcast in Japan on September 14, 1998.


The first half of this episode consists of a variety of flashback sequences that Lain is assisting by plugin herself. The sequences do not follow the flow of the story line but rather are presented in some sort of haphazard fashion.


People are walking in the city. Lain is in her room. She raises an arm towards the ceiling. An electrical cord is wrapped around her arm. A cross walk light turns red. An electrical clip is attached to Lain’s hair. The sound of energy moving through its various conduits can be heard. Numbers and figures scroll on a computer screen. More scenes of the city are presented. Lain connects two electrical plugs. She then attaches an electric conduit patch to her face.

It is night time. A bright light illuminates Lain’s bedroom window. The house is quiet. Floating text words appear, “It is now suspicious enough to be called a memory.” Water drips into the kitchen sink which is overfilled with dishes. Clothing is strewn on the floor.

A main menu screen pops up on a Navi screen. It dissolves to show the flow of information through the Wired. The word “Inconvenient Body Hardware” appears on a screen.

Power lines snap and fall to the ground.

A message on a classroom blackboard reads, “I am myself.”

More power lines snap and fall to the ground.

The blackboard now reads, “Lain is Lain.”

FLASHBACK - The mirror ball is spinning at the Cyberia Café and Club. People are dancing. A gunshot causes a stampede of dancers to flee the dance floor. Lain watches as the Accela user shoots himself in the head. His blood splatters onto Lain’s face. Lain is sitting half dazed on her bedroom floor.

The stock city scenes are shown at an increased rate of speed.

FLASHBACK - Chisa begins her leap off of the building. She says, “You should come here.”

Lain has somehow enabled herself to be a witness to Chisa’s final moments. She is standing a short distance behind Chisa. Lain closes her eyes and looks away as Chisa jumps to her death.

A computer screen scrolls lists of words written in English. An image is present behind the words.

FLASHBACK - Lain and Chisa are walking home from school together. Chisa stops and indicates she must go in a different direction. She waves good bye to Lain.

The floating text words appear and read, “I don’t need to remain here.”

FLASHBACK - Alice is running in her school uniform.

FLASHBACK - Juri and Reika are talking in the city. They are wearing regular clothing.

FLASHBACK - Different quick cut images of the men in black and JJ the DJ of Cyberia.

The words, “Think Different” appear on a screen.

FLASHBACK - Lain is smiling.

FLASHBACK - Mika is standing in Lain’s doorway.

FLASHBACK - The delivery man brings Lain her brand new Navi.

FLASHBACK - Digital Lain watches a female dancer.

FLASHBACK - The PK boy with the ugly cat sweater is sitting on the roof.

FLASHBACK - Professor Hodgeson tells Digital Lain, “Now, let me go. I’m tired.”

FLASHBACK - Lain’s dad laughs at his Navi.

FLASHBACK - Lain’s mom is doing the dishes.

Flashback: Street camera man is walking down the street and smiling.

FLASHBACK - Lain’s teacher is reading from a book.

FLASHBACK - Taro is showing something to Myu Myu and Masayuki. Myu Myu says, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen this.”

FLASHBACK - The men in black’s boss asks Lain, “Iwakura Lain, are you the same person as ‘Lain in the Wired’?”

FLASHBACK - Lain opens the door to her parent’s bedroom and finds it to be empty.

FLASHBACK - Lain’s parents are kissing on the couch.

FLASHBACK - Mika stands in the hall and watches the image of herself fade away. Lain approaches her and catches the tail end of this phenomena

A camera seems to lose its signal and breaks up the image of Mika.

A view of the city at night. An onscreen clock indicates that the time is 1:23 am. Text rolls across the screen. It reads, “A biochemical research group at Tachibana Lab succeeded in analyzing the molecular structure of the genome of a human.”

Flashback: Lain watches in horror as a girl in a sailor school uniform runs in front of a train.

The signal strength starts to waver again and images begin to lose their integrity.

Flashback: Taro kisses Lain at the end of their “date”.

Flashback: Lain is in class. Her hand held Navi is blinking with the message, “Lain is a peeper.”

Flashback: Digital Lain watches in horror as the energy of children is used to fuel the KIDS project.

Flashback: People are dancing at Cyberia.

Flashback: The shorter man in black’s visor shatters as a result of Lain’s anger.

Flashback: A chattering Lain head from the Wired lies disembodied on the ground.

Flashback: Lain runs out of her bedroom to go outside and confront the men in black.

Flashback: A newspaper obituary announces the death of Masami Eiri

Floating text words read, “Come.”

Flashback: A digital image of Lain is in the Wired. It is the image viewed by Lain and the men in black’s boss.

Flashback: The godlike image of Lain parts the clouds in the sky for all to see.

Flashback: The digital body parts are conversing with Digital Lain while she is in the Wired.

Lain’s Navi system is utilizing its cooling unit. Pressure gauges begin to spin.

Flashback: Masami Eiri is holding Digital Lain’s hair. He says, “Poor Lain.”

Flashback: A close up is shown of the alien in Lain’s room .

Flashback: Mika and her parents are standing in a row.

A brief montage of images shows Lain and various groups of people.

Flashback: Digital Lain is choking Lain in the Wired. Lain in the Wired says, “Because I am Lain.” Digital Lain yells, “No!”

A brief montage of images of Lain and her family is shown.

Flashback: The false image of Alice says, “You are no longer needed in the real World.”

Flashback: Digital Lain has her hands around Lain in the Wired’s throat. Lain in the Wired says, “I’ll kill myself?” Digital Lain says, “Why? Why is your body so warm? Why do I feel your body temperature?”

Flashback: Chisa plummets to the ground.

Flashback: Digital Lain and Masami Eiri have their first in person meeting. He informs her, “Yes. I’m God.”

Flashback: Alice is angry as she says, “You…”

A brief montage of images of Lain is shown.

A long montage of footage of Alice is shown. Most of the scenes seem to demonstrate Alice caring for Lain.

A sentence pops up on a screen. It keeps rewriting the message, “Alice love needs you.”

The end of the flashback part of the episode…..

It is dark outside. A bright light illuminates from Lain’s bedroom window. Lain is slumped on the floor. Electrical cords are wrapped all around her. She has a device clipped to her lower lip. She appears to be exhausted from her work as she melts to a laying position on the floor.

Masami Eiri appears in Lain’s room. Her hovers above her and asks, “Are you tired?” Lain replies, “I’m tired.” Masami says, “You’ve certainly something, as I expected. You downloaded the emulators for all of your Navis into your brain. But that is dangerous. It’s too much for your current brain capacity.” Lain asks him, “Am I a machine?” Masami does not reply. Lain continues, “Don’t talk to me as if I’m a machine…” Masami seems apologetic, “I didn’t mean to. It’s a problem due to software. Lain you are software not hardware.” Lain repeats, “Software?” Masami says, “Yes. You are an executable program of flesh.” Lain shakes her head no and slowly attempts to get up. She is too weak to do so and falls back down. Masami left the room.

The hum of the power lines echo in the night. Digital Lain is walking down a street. She tells the wires, “Shut up.” The hum persists so Digital Lain again yells, “Shut up!” The second time was the charm and all is silent. A strange energy form is crouched by a street light pole. It passes before Digital Lain. As it passes out of her vision another image has been left in its path. It is Chisa. Digital Lain’s eyes light up and she says, “Chisa.” Digital Lain walks closer to Chisa. Digital Lain says, “Chisa, I used to walk home with you every day.” Chisa does not reply. Digital Lain continues, “Now I understand what you said, Chisa.” Chisa says, “Lain,” and shakes her head “no”. Lain says, “What?”

A male voice says from behind Digital Lain, “It’s simple to die Lain, isn’t it?” He is the boy who killed himself at Cyberia while high on Accela. He has his laser sight handgun with him. Chisa says, “Death is not simple.” Accela boy corrects her, “It’s simple Lain. You already have a tool for it.” Lain asks, “What?” She looks down and sees his gun is now in her hand. She tests the heft of it. Accela boy says, “I already released the safety. Its trigger is too heavy. Hold it with both of your hands. Push it with your thumb. It’s too heavy for a girl.” Digital Lain turns the gun towards her head. The red laser light pinpoints several targets on her face. Accela boy asks Lain, “Why? Why do you still want to stay in the real World? You called me here.” Digital Lain says, “I can’t.” Accela boy reminds her, “The flesh in not necessary.” Digital Lain disagrees, “No.”

“Lain.” A muffled female voice has called her name. Digital Lain turns to see who it is. Accela boy and Chisa have disappeared. The background around her has changed. Digial Lain now appears to be standing in a ditch with dirt mounds and power lines above her. Digital Lain asks aloud, “What is this?”

A light shines from Alice’s bedroom widow. A female voice says, “We’ll meet him after school tomorrow. He looks pretty good.” Alice is watching a video Navi mail message from Juri. Juri continues in her message, “If you make him your boyfriend everybody will think that the rumor about the teacher is untrue. I’ll tell you more tomorrow. Good bye.”

Alice remains sitting on the floor of her bedroom. She ponders the implications of her situation with the teacher. She thinks to herself, “It is not a lie.” Alice’s door creaks open. Alice looks up and is shocked to see a short figure is at her door. Alice asks, “Who?” It appears to be the alien wearing the stripped red and green sweater. Alice still can’t make out the identity of her guest so she asks again, “Who’s there?” Alice now sees that it is Lain at the door. But Lain has the arms, legs, and stripped green and red sweater of the alien. Alice is upset upon seeing Lain and says, “Lain. Why…because…?” Alice is barely able to say the words. She is still devastated by Lain’s apparent betrayal of her privacy. Alien Lain says, “It was not me. I didn’t peek at your secret. I didn’t spread the rumor in the Wired.” Alice composes herself and moves to sit on her bed. She swallows the lump caught in her throat. Alice says, “It was Lain. Lain did it. I definitely saw you.” Alien Lain defends herself, “It was not me. It would seem that there are many ‘I’s’. The other ‘I’ did it.” Alice is confused. “What are you saying,” she asks. Alien Lain replies, “There may also be more than one Alice.” Alice’s eyes widen in shock. Alien Lain says, “but even if I say it wasn’t me, you’ll still believe it. So I’ll make it so that it never happened. I made all possible efforts to do so.” She seems to be pleased with herself. Alice asks, “What do you mean?” Alien Lain explains, “We no longer need devices. I already broke the barrier between the Wired and the real World. So I can go anywhere I want. So I’m here now. I can make anything that has already happened never have happened.” Alice can only reply, “Lain.” Alien Lain shrinks back towards the door. Alice looks confused and concerned. The image of Lain has disappeared. Alice begins to cry. She repeats to herself, “I’m scared. I’m scared.”

Alice is walking to school. Juri and Reika greet her, “Alice, good morning.” They both seem to be in good moods. Alice is not. She politely returns the greeting, “Good morning,” but there is no real feeling to her statement. Reika does not miss a beat and asks, “What is wrong? You look depressed today.” Juri has a different thought about the cause of Alice’s down mood and asks, “Are you having your period today?” Reika, the queen of insensitivity, uncharacteristically scolds Juri for a comment she herself usually might make. She tells Juri, “You’re so insensitive.” Juri appears to be incredulous at the new, sensitive Reika and sputters, “But…!” Alice says, “Juri, I’m not sure I want to go today.” She is making reference to the plans Juri left on her message regarding hooking up with a new guy. Juri appears to be confused, “What ? What will you do today?” Alice asks her, “Didn’t you give me a CU mail?” Juri replies, “What? Yesterday I…” Reika interjects, “Alice you’re acting strange today.” Alice’s gaze shifts towards the school guard gate. Her teacher/lover is checking in with the guard. Reika sees who she is looking at and says, “Alice.” Juri notes, “That teacher looks good.” Reika declares, “There is a rumor that he loves a girl who’s a third year student in this school.” Juri is shocked by this information and says, “Really? That’s immoral.” Alice looks at her two friends. She thinks they are playing with her by pretending not to know that she is the girl in question and says, “Um…a…” They reply in unison, “What? What is it?” Alice says, “I…that teacher…” Juri and Reika look stunned. Reika asks, “What? Is there some relationship between you and that teacher?’ Juri adds, “Could it be? Do you love him?” Alice looks perplexed. Reika and Juri were both aware of her secret affair with the teacher, yet they both are acting like they have no knowledge of it. Reika shoots down Juri’s question by stating, “No. It’s too late.” Juri agrees, “He already has a girl.” Alice casts her gaze downwards. Reika says, “You look unusual today.” Juri adds, “It’s strange.” Alice’s eyes widen. She is beginning to realize that her two friends really do not know about her affair with the teacher. It then dawns on her how this could have come to pass. Alice turns and sees Lain approaching the school. Alice and Lain stare at each other. Juri waves and yells, “Lain! Good morning!” Reika yells, “Hurry up!” Juri repeats this sentiment, “Hurry! Hurry Lain!” Alice studies Lain’s face. Alice thinks to herself, “Lain, did you really…?” Lain smiles at Alice. Alice notes this, “Lain smiled.”


  • "Infornography" seems to be a made up word combining information and pornography, some theories suggest the concept of the sexual turn-on getting combined with the idea of turning-on one's computer and getting information on the Wired.