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Sumi Mutoh (Japanese)
Lia Sargent (English)


Episode 01

Chisa Yomoda (四方田 千砂) is a character of the anime series Serial Experiments Lain.

She was a girl in Lain's school that commited suicide before sending a mail to all her schoolmates.


Serial Experiments Lain starts with Chisa's suicide. As she falls from a roof, her body is crushed by a falling building sign. Before jumping, she looks peaceful.

In the following days, each of her classmates receives an e-mail from her after her death. Lain responds to it, initiating a chat with Chisa. Chisa explains that she didn't die; rather, she has just abandoned her physical body. She wanted to show everyone what she did. As Lain tries to understand why she killed herself, Chisa answers "God is here."

After that, Chisa begins appearing mysteriously to Lain, trying to convince her to follow her; the first time on her way back to school, the second time during her class, the last time when Lain plugs herself in to the Wired. During Chisa’s final visit, Lain remembers having walked with her from school one time. She thinks that Chisa decided to contact her as a friend, but as Lain talks to her, Chisa doesn't answer, displaying a sorrowful expression before disappearing once again.

When Lain "reboots" the reality, Chisa can be seen still alive going to school. We learn that Chisa seems to have taken Lain's role in this reality as Alice invites her to go to Cyberia, but declines the invitation since she’s too shy (the exact same scenario that happened to Lain during the first episode).


Like Lain, Chisa is a very introverted girl, shown by her lack of friends and her quiet disposition. This appears to cause her great sadness. By giving up her physical body to live solely in the Wired, Chisa seems to finally feel some relief, but it doesn’t appear to last. When she meets Lain in the Wired, she's once again reserved and subdued as if she regrets committing suicide.



Chisa and Lain attended the same school, both being in the same year level. One day, the two walked home from school together. After her suicide, Chisa sends e-mails to all of her classmates, including Lain. Lain responds to the mail and starts to chat with Chisa about the Wired. This conversation piques Lain's interest in the Wired. After this, Chisa appears to Lain several times, once trying to explain to her why she killed herself. 


I don't need to stay in a place like this. If you stay in a place like this you might not be able to connect.

Episode 01

What's it like when you die? It really hurts :)

Episode 01

Lain, I walked home with you just once. Do you remember?

Episode 01

I have only given up my body. By doing this, I can explain to you that I'm still alive.

Episode 01

Do you understand? It's okay if you can't right now. You will all understand soon. Everyone will.

Episode 01

God is here.

Episode 01

In the real world, it didn't matter if I was there or not. When I realized that, I was no longer afraid of losing my body.

Episode 03


  • The character of Chisa first appeared in a "Alice 6" (1995), a late night drama series broadcasted in Shizuoka written by Chiaki J. Konaka and directed by his brother Konaka Kazuya. The Chisa from "Alice 6" disappeared in the first episode and was the "Sixth Alice".
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